Enhancing linguistic skills through movement


We are starting very exciting learning unit in our Parent and child and Pre-school programmes this week which is all about language development! You might be wondering how a gymnastics class can enhance children’s language skills.


We are taking advantage of the mind-body link and are getting creative over the next four weeks to help develop linguistic skills. Studies show when children are exposed to multi-sensory experiences, the learning is much more effective and they are more likely to retain information. Multi-sensory means that more parts of the brain are being stimulated at once.


The Little Gym classes are all about multi-sensory learning.  Just to give you an idea of an activity the children will be doing this week: the children start by hearing the alphabet through directive music, they are then encouraged to repeat the alphabet themselves.   The second part of the activity is then for the children to look at different letter shapes taped on the mat and they are then given the opportunity to create the letter shapes with their own bodies- great problem-solving. Boom!  Four senses used at once! And on top of that, it is fun learning and when we enjoy the learning process, we are motivated to do more!


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