How is writing with a pen a whole body workout?

Following from last week, we´ve learned that developing a strong core plays a huge role in children´s development but there is so much more. 

Did you know that the quality of handwriting is not all in the hand and fingers but it is a job for the whole body?

  • The core muscles hold the body in an upright position
  • The shoulder muscles bear the arms weight and rotate freely to position the arm
  • The upper arm holds the weight of the lower arm and hand delivering the hand to the page
  • The lower arm provides the fulcrums on which the arm rotates
  • The wrist holds the hand steady and rotates to the appropriate position
  • The fingers fold around the pencil
  • Together, all five fingers place the pencil at the correct angle to meet the page, press down and maintain the right amount of pressure to leave mark, and make tiny left, right, up and down movements across the page
If any of these muscles don´t do their job, writing will be very hard work. This is known as whole body learning. 

Monkey bars, climbing, hanging, swinging, crawling and other high energy activities that build strength in the core muscles and the upper body. Twisting, turning, dangling develop flexibility and agility in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers. Pushing, pulling, tugging and lifting build whole body strength. 

The body develops in a natural orderly weight- from the top down and from the inside out. It starts at the head and works towards the toes while building out from the torso to the arms and legs. This order ensures that the large muscles necessary for coordination and locomotion are well developed first and they can support the complex mastery of the small muscles. 

Engaging your child in activities like The Little Gym is so beneficial, not only for their physical development, but will also aid them in their school life too!


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