The Vestibular System


The most important elements of school readiness are the abilities to SIT STILL, PAY ATTENTION and STAY FOCUSED. 

Did you know that children need to move as much as possible, experience all planes of movement in order to be able to sit still and focus on what is in front of them? Our inner sense of balance (the vestibular system)  governs all three. 

The vestibular system is located in the inner ear and it detects motion and gravity. It coordinates with all of our senses- especially the eyes- to help us stay upright and balanced whether we are moving or not. Balance underpins everything we do and the only way to develop strong balance system is through movement. 


Developing and automating a strong sense of balance, orientation, motion and gravity is crucial for children's development and readiness for school. 

The Vestibular system controls 5 major aspects of everyday living: Posture, Balance, Alertness, Concentration and Stillness.

Of course, there is also the muscle-skeleton system that goes hand in hand with the inner ear to support our bodies in whatever position we are in. 

You will learn how the core plays a huge role in keeping us upright and allow us to pay attention and focus in our blog next week.

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